Certified pet acupuncture Singapore

Certified pet acupuncture Singapore


Book a therapist for pets acupuncture treatment. Acupetture’s therapist treats for the certified pet acupuncture in Singapore based on the individual pet.


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Acupuncture is the insertion of extremely fine needles into specific acupuncture points on the body to stimulate the body’s natural healing response. Each acupuncture point on the body has different actions. Acupuncture can be used in conjunction with Western medicine and can help with a wide variety of conditions humans as well as animals.

At Acupetture, we use an integrative approach of acupuncture and Western therapies, based on the individual animal.


Acupetture is a mobile vet acupuncture service which helps animals all over Singapore improve quality of life in the comfort and safety of their own homes.

Is your pet afraid of the unfamiliar sights, smells and sounds at the vet clinic? Is it a stressful experience just to get your pet to the clinic?

We believe all animals should have the right to pain-free and comfortable lives, and their journey towards this should be as fear-free and hassle-free as possible.

We also believe in having an open channel of communication and are always happy to discuss your pet’s needs with you.

What absolutely thrills us is seeing pets who could not walk take their first steps after our sessions with them! We use an integrative approach of acupuncture and Western therapies based on the individual pet.


We would really love to help!


Simply click the button below and together, we can begin your pet’s journey towards better comfort, mobility and quality of life. We move to help animals move and feel better!


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Email :  acupetture@gmail.com

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