Correlation of Obesity and Mental Health Issues

There is a big dilemma in what causes what, i.e., does being obese causes mental health issues, or does psychiatric disorder push a person more towards being obese? Not every obese person has the same thing, but it has been in studies conducted at the Texas Health Science Center and NOO that obese people are at higher risk for depression and anxiety.

Obesity can develop due to various reasons such as environmental effects, lack of physical activity, genetics, irregular sleeping and eating patterns, and many more. But many psychiatric problems might fuel the inefficiency or trigger the negativity concerning an individual’s mental health. The stigma related to being fit mentally and physically is very vague, and the terms of what is fit for who has always been a variable. Yet many people correlate being slim with being fit, which is a possibility but is not invariably true. Many obese people can do full splits or run marathons, while some petite people can’t even do simple push-ups.

Depression and Low self-esteem are a big part of an obese person world, and so are binge eating disorder and anxiety an issue, however, the question is, are only obese people suffering? Body-image issues are unsurprisingly increasing with the updations in technology and use of filters in every social media platform to enhance your natural features and be a different self for the society to accept you and show love and care towards you. Obese people try to fit into the norms that society has laid but are ignored, bullied, or body-shamed which in turn leads to psychological disorders like depression, emotional eating, fear, low self-esteem, and many more. Obesity and Mental health issues coexist and have a negative spiral effect which may lead to a very vicious cycle and this can go on forever or the person ends it all at once.

Doctors and medical personals emphasize more on the physical difficulties a person faces when he/she is obese but do not call attention to the mental wellbeing of the person. It is the mind that is powerful and to make it more powerful and strong, mental health and well-being should be as important as suggesting medications or surgeries.

Points to be considered:

  • Focusing on one step at a time should be the objective; planning for too many things will distract your mind from what to focus all your attention on.
  • Set smaller practical goals; setting unrealistic goals will hamper any progress made.
  • Do not over-exert; overexertion physically and mentally both can harm as it gives the mind and body to find excuses to give your 100% the next day.
  • Self-appreciation. Blaming your body and mind has not done any good till now, so try appreciating what your mind and body do for you the whole day.
  • Make yourself a priority. Your mental and physical health should be your choice, and giving importance to oneself should be a priority, and as many say not an act of selfishness.

Put your energy in being in a happier and healthier place, mental health and talking about it is still a stigma in the society and people who take help are looked-down on, but as the physical body needs to shed off the weight, the mind also needs to shed down the emotional baggage we tend to carry. Normalizing all body types and talking about disorders, like binge eating disorder, depression, or the triggers for the emotional break-down, should be encouraged.

Every person on this planet has some or the other issue that makes them conscious about but provoking them and shaming them for a negative trait is not good for humanity.

How to stop binge eating? How to get rid from depression? There is so many ways you can follow.

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