Does Self Storage Rentals A Good Business To Earn Profit?


The Storage Rentals business is a big industry in itself. The Extra space storage is one of the highlights in all parts of the world. As consumerism worldwide gains more and more popularity, the rise of such storage rentals is imminent. The people’s purchasing power has grown over the years, and their want for more goods along with it.

These are good times for the industry as a whole, as more competition means better service overall. These also translate into more profits for the business houses and better quality of services for customers.

Costs involved in entering the Storage Rental business

Before buying a new or old Document storage service, there are certain costs involved in getting into the business. Some factors will influence the decision-making of the person in charge. Some of these factors are as follows:

  • Construction costs
  • Acquisitions Costs
  • Location
  • Land Costs

Then decide on where the money comes from for the business. Some of the decisions are:

  • Liquid Cash for the daily running of the business
  • Lump-sum amount as the acquisition cost
  • Money to pay the Staff and employees required for the business

Financial numbers behind Storage Rental business

First things first, the magical number of breaking even in any business is crucial. So after understanding the costs involved in a Storage Rental, the next step is to understand the income involved. There are ways to increase the profit margin by the following method:

  • Offering high-end services like Art storage or Wine Storage, with specific units catering to these products.
  • Raising the rent charged for the services provided to the customers.
  • More occupancy rate greater than required at the break-even point to bolster profits further.
  • Focusing more on climate-controlled units that commands a higher rate per square foot.


All in all, Storage Rental is a profitable business if the business model is sound. These businesses have lower overhead and operating costs compared to other businesses. This helps in garnering more profits as the costs involved are relatively less.

The Self storage space rental Singapore business is booming at every passing moment, signifying the potential. The potential is huge because these business type doesn’t require professional knowledge to run. The risks involved in the business are quite low compared to other forms of business involving similar sums of cash.

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