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Best Home Automation Dubai |Smart Home UAE


We at Creative Automation are leaders in the field of smart home uae systems solutions (Smart Home) in the UAE, energy management systems in hotels, protection and low pressure systems, as well as we are authorized agents of many European companies in supplying electrical materials such as switches, electrical lighting and motion sensors.


How do you imagine your future home?

We at Creative are working to be at the forefront of companies that work to provide their customers with the latest systems related to the smart home system in dubai and to exploit the latest technology tools such as cloud technology and IoT technology, and integrate them all into one integrated system and through a smart application on devices The smart phone, which guarantees the customer multiple ways of controlling his home through voice, smart phone, smart touch screens or smart keys, making your homes friendly and under your watch at all times and from anywhere.

What is Sound System:

An event, regardless of its scale, can be made exemplary only in the presence of an appropriate sound system! After all, when it comes to creating a lasting impact on your audience, it is the audio and visual elements that play the most momentous role. At Creative, we understand the importance of a befitting sound system for your event, and therefore offer you customised rental services for the same.

There is no substitute to premium quality sound. If you want high fidelity audio at your party, concert, event or gala, secure top of the line sound system solutions from Creative – Sound System in Dubai.


Green Building Dubai is one of the very few construction companies in the world that focuses on a better and cleaner tomorrow, at GBC the prime focus is to bring about the best and easily affordable construction concepts into the market.

Creative designs and builds Green Building Dubai

, both commercial and residential.


Security Camera (or) CCTV  Camera Dubai In UAE

CCTV Camera has become a basic and essential need in today’s world for safety and security. There’s an excellent quality range of CCTV camera available in UAE today. Camera ranges from simple dome camera to higher end pan-tilt-zoom cameras.

When an issue arises to secure your business, there’s a vast range of more extensive options in which you analyse choose the one that suits you.
If you’re looking for a right CCTV camera in Dubai, Creative Automation will be the best choice. Contact us to know more about CCTV’s available in market.

What is Wago Connector ?


Easy to use: Pull the lever up, insert a conductor and push the lever back down – done. The 221 Series Splicing Connectors have always connected solid, stranded and fine-stranded conductors easily, quickly and safely. Read More











CCTV Camera Dubai

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