Personalization in eCommerce

Personalization is an important part of being successful in the ecommerce industry. Understanding the importance of ecommerce personalization can be essential for your business to grow and thrive. Personalization isn’t a concept that is completely new. In real life, this is the experience we get when the waitress greets you or drops off the soda that you ordered when they notice you are low. This is the same experience that can make a significant difference in your conversion rates. By reading on, you can learn more about how important ecommerce website personalization is for your business and which strategies are most effective to create this custom-tailored experience.

Importance of Personalization in eCommerce

Website personalization for ecommerce sites is quickly becoming a popular tool for marketing teams. There is some concern that this process can seem creepy, but when done properly there can be a distinct difference from a company that is spying on you and one that is merely trying to give you that custom, personalized experience to make it easier to find the products that you need. At first, people may have been hesitant about personalization, but now they are starting to prefer this custom approach to marketing. They like not only being able to find the products that they want, but also the products that they didn’t know that they needed.

The biggest benefit of personalization is that customers feel special. They get a more improved customer experience that makes shopping less frustrating for them. This not only gives you the conversions you need to achieve your sales goals, but it can also offer the opportunity to build brand loyalty with the customer. It’s easier and more cost effective to retain loyal customers than it is to constantly search for new ones. Brand loyalty is a major benefit of personalization.

Top Strategies for eCommerce Personalization

There are a few strategies that can be extremely effective here. For one thing, you can create personalized homepages. Every time that a customer visits your website, you can learn more about them. Eventually, you can make it so that when they visit the website, they end up where they normally look anyways. For instance, if a specific customer continually comes to your site to purchase boys clothing, you can make it so that when they come to the site that they are directly on the boys clothing page. This convenience improves the customer experience.

There’s also the strategy of suggesting other products based on this search. This can help you upsell more products or make them find something that they are really going to love. Creating personalized guides that help them see suggestions or look at their recently viewed items, you are also improving their customer experience.


As you can see, ecommerce site personalization is incredibly important for the success of your business. The experience customers have when they visit your website will determine whether they purchase items, return to purchase more items, or suggest your website to their friends. Through personalization, you are giving the customers the personal experience that they crave when shopping online.

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