Temperature Screening Kiosk for Schools

As we all know, the year 2020, where we dreamed big having excellent expectations in our minds, became a nightmare unexpectedly.

People who were used to their busy lifestyle had to stay home a minimum 1/3rd of the year due to the pandemic that outbroke into the world in the mid of February of 2020.

However, most schools and other institutions in many countries were closed for months due to this COVID-19 pandemic.

Paying attention to schools, even though the schools started using technology for teaching, like online sessions, they weren’t wholly successful in some regions due to many reasons.

To bring everything back to normal, by ensuring the safety of every student, teacher, and other school staff, the Temperature screening kiosk for schools were implemented. 

Here in this article, I’m willing to explain the temperature screening kiosk under the following key points;

1. What is the Temperature Screening Kiosk?

2. Main features of the Temperature Screening Kiosk.

3. Additional features that will make the work easier.

4. Why should you use the Temperature screening Kiosk for schools?

What is the Temperature Screening Kiosk?

Temperature Screening Kiosk is a tool that screens the temperature of the visitor without any contact. 

Using infrared thermal imaging technology and high-speed temperature detection, the non-contact temperature screening terminals help identify high temperatures providing warning alerts and avoiding entering the area without following the safety measures.

Main features of the temperature screening kiosk


       Temperature Measurement

As I mentioned before, using infrared thermal imaging technology, the temperature screening kiosk measures the visitor’s temperature. 

When it detects an abnormal temperature of the visitor, it is functioned to switch on the alarm with a warning alert, which increases the area’s security.

       Face Recognition

Using face recognition technology has made more straightforward stuff like marking attendance. This technology is more useful in schools because it saves them time, and it makes less contact with other students.

       Mask Checking 

When an abnormal temperature is detected, the temperature screening kiosk automatically warns the relevant person to wear the mask.

Additional features that will make the work easier


       Detecting Unauthorized People

The temperature screening kiosk allows access only to the people who have their faces registered in the database, which improves the organization’s security without letting unknown people enter the area.


       Detects Photo and Fake Video Attendance

This is mostly useful at schools because some arrogant naughty students may skip school using a photo or video to mark attendance. 

However, it is impossible to play the trick with this device built with high technology. This device is programmed to detect such schemes and report them to the management.  

Why should you use the temperature screening kiosk for schools?           

The temperature screening kiosk is more suitable for schools because the students’ safety is one of the significant facts that the school should pay attention to.

Checking temperature manually has a risk of carrying the infection. Meanwhile, marking the register using the same pen may pass the disease from one individual to another, considering these points.

I recommend using the temperature screening kiosk for schools, which will increase safety while building the parents’ trust, making them sure that the school is safe for their children to study in.


Finally, I would like to say that a temperature screening kiosk is the most suitable device to ensure everyone’s safety. Considering the points, I mentioned it is your choice to use it.


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