ThePhotoStick USB

With ThePhotoStick you’ll easily backup and save plenty of pictures and videos on your smartphone or PC with none hassle or extra stress.


ThePhotoStick is capable of saving of these memories a bit like saving data in your disk drive memory. it’s brought excellent results for everybody , people are loving it.


Features Of ThePhotoStick


Quick And Instant – Earlier we had to manually organize or filter files. it had been really difficult and time consuming. this is often an enormous problem! ThePhotoStick may be a great device in terms of how quick and instant it’s . It works automatically! it’s been developed in such how that it’s been engineered to figure so efficiently.


Works On all types Of Format – ThePhotoStick supports JPG, JPEG, MP3 or PNG media files. This small and compact device is capable of saving all types of files whether or not they are images or videos.


Easy File Backup – Yes there’s cloud storage, except for that you simply need to create an account and have an online connection to access the cloud from different accounts. With ThePhotoStick, you only got to insert this USB Device into your PC or Laptop USB driver and it’ll automatically start backing up the instant you press ‘GO’.


You Don’t Need A Wi-Fi Connection – ThePhotoStick you don’t need an online connection. you’ll carry this device with yourself everywhere without having the strain of maintaining an online connection.


Easy to work – Everyone can use ThePhotoStick with none problem. you’ll gift this device to your younger siblings also as your parents.

Compatible On All kinds of Devices – ThePhotoStick supports Windows, MAC, IOS And Android, it works on all devices like smartphones, laptops, tablets etc.

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