Handmade Jewelry Is Our Favorite Gift Summer

Statement Necklaces

Statement necklaces have been a popular trend in the last few years, with varied, colorful options to select from. Flower crowns have moved from the head to being placed over the heart as a necklace, declaring the beauty and elegance of the wearer, which makes these perfect for a bridal party to wear together for a wedding and photos.

No matter if you want a sweet or edgy look, statement necklaces may be given for a variety of occasions as well, such as a Sweet 16 or the receiving of an award. Larger stores at the mall, like Claire’s or Charming Charlie, carry these, but for a special occasion, handmade is best.

That’s when you turn to the talented crafters over at Etsy. Flower bib necklaces can be more dramatic, like arranged bouquets, and the textile art looks like the real thing. Statement necklaces are simple, yet bold, pieces of jewelry to mark an occasion.

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