How to Stop Binge Eating If You really Love Food

It’s no surprise that a common and powerful trigger of binge eating is restrictive dieting wherein you severely limit your food choices.

In this article I want to share with you several simple strategies you can use to not only keep yourself from bingeing but from passively overeating as well.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

The more you have food around you, the more you’re likely to eat. The reason is simple:

The more people see foods, the more they think about them, and the more they think about them, the more likely they are to eat them more frequently than they normally would.

The solution is simple: stop boobytrapping your environment with foods you have trouble resisting.

Don’t surround yourself with food and you’ll avoid this pitfall. Don’t fill your pantry, cupboards, and drawers to the brim with your favorite snacks and treats. Don’t fill your fridge with caloric beverages. Don’t have candy lying around the office.

Don’t Snack While Watching TV

Fact: the more people watch TV, the more likely they are to overeat and be overweight.

If you’re going to eat while watching TV, you’re going to want to regulate your intake by bringing a pre-ordained amount to the couch and eating just it and nothing more.

Don’t Go Back For Seconds

If you have a habit of eating several helpings of food in a meal or eating directly out of boxes or containers, you’re going to have trouble regulating your food intake.

An easy way to prevent overeating is to “preplate” your food with the amount you plan on eating and skipping seconds and thirds.

Similarly, put your foods on a plate or in a bowl before you start eating and you won’t have to remember or guesstimate how much you’ve taken.

You now know more about binge eating than 99% of the population and you now have the power to keep it from ruining your efforts to get fit.

If you apply the strategies, you can beat the binge problem once and for all without having to adopt a life of dietary asceticism.

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