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What is white hat SEO?

The term “white hat SEO” refers to an SEO strategy that complies with the terms and conditions of major search engines (including Google).

White hat SEO is the opposite of black hat SEO. Generally, white hat SEO refers to any practise that improves your search ranking on the search engine results page (SERP) while maintaining the integrity of the website and complying with the terms of service of search engines. These strategies do not exceed the scope defined by Google.

Our white hat SEO Service includes:
Provide quality content and services
Fast website load time and mobile-friendliness
Use descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags
Make your website easy to navigate
In contrast, examples of black hat SEO include buying links or using deceptive camouflage techniques. Any strategy deemed deceptive or harmful to consumers will be regarded as a “black hat.” The black hat strategy is extremely risky, and with the development of Google’s algorithm, this method is becoming less and less feasible.

Why is white hat SEO Services & technology important?

If you simply do not participate in White Hat SEO practices, your website will be banned by Google and other search engines.

As the number one search engine, billions of people visit Google every day, and every visit indicates that new users may find your website.

Google is undoubtedly a powerful source of the traffic to your website, and being banned will cause a sharp drop in website traffic and even business. Consider all the work that enters your website, and then consider behaviours that are prohibited by the most common search engines on the Internet. Worse, once you are banned by Google, there is no guarantee that they will relist you. A lifetime ban on Google will have huge consequences.

Why take risks? See the full description of Google’s approved SEO techniques in the Webmaster Guidelines. Google’s webmaster resources are an ideal place to learn Google’s white hat SEO practices.


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Should you implement the White Hat SEO methodology For Your Business?

absolute! Implementing White Hat SEO practices is the best way to create ethical, sustainable and successful websites and businesses.

Here are some steps you should follow to ensure that your SEO approach is completely white hat.

Provide quality content and services:

Create high-quality content that meets the needs of visitors and helps solve their problems. Use SEO keyword research tools to discover the keywords that best fit your website content.

Then focus on using these keywords on content-rich keywords, such as how-to articles and videos, that match the intent of the keywords and end-users.

Use descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags:

When creating a meta description for each page on your website, follow best practices to help search engines and users discover your content.

Make your website easy to navigate:

Be careful when organizing the information architecture of your website. Websites that are easy for users to access also tend to perform better in organic search results. For more help on white hat SEO, check out our complete guide on SEO basics.

MahbubOsmane.com White Hat SEO Service Specialty

Following the latest algorithm of the Search Engine
Custom Strategies
Delivering the Long-Term Results
Complete White-Hat Methods
Data-Driven Methodology
100% Transparency and ROI based campaigns

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